February 7

What is definition of REMARKETING

It’s an way of digitally marketing  technique that enables advertisers to reach out to visitors who already visited a website.

This is all about the user browser’s  cookies. You may have experienced remarketing while browsing online, if you have ever visited a site and looked at a certain product you may have seen ads for that product on other websites you visit from there on. This is because the website you viewed the product on is running a remarketing campaign

How exactly Remarketing Work?

  1. The advertiser places specific scripts on strategic web pages within the website.
  2. When a visitor loads one of these web pages, the browser places a cookie on the visitor’s computer.
  3. The advertising network reads the cookie on a visitor’s computer, which will trigger the campaign(s).

These campaigns typically run within the AdWords Display Network.

What makes remarketing so effective is that it allows you to target users when they are most likely to buy. Interacting with consumers once they have viewed your product keeps your product at the front of their mind. This could be when they’re searching for your product, visiting other websites, and using other mobile apps.



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