May 24

Joomla in your Website Theme

  • Joomla integration into your website begins with PSD to HTML conversion. To do that you will first need to make a library of the PSD file. Cutting separates the different pages of the file that will helps developers ¬†codes to the pages. The standard layers that are always helpful are logo, banner, links and the body.

  • While converting PSD to CSS, remember to use semantic codes. Semantic codes are beneficial in the long run as they enhance the quality and performance of a site. Using any markup language you can go for semantic coding.

  • You can also use CSS that further define the design attributes of the site and help make a site faster. CSS also reduces the amount of codes and is an advantage for search engine optimization.

  • Once the PSD file is cut and coded using HTML or HTML5, getting it validated by W3C completes the conversion process. Following W3C guidelines ensure that you follow all the subscribed structure for building a website.

  • After above steps are completed, theme is ready as a web compatible file and can be easily integrated into Joomla. The Joomla interface has an easy-to-use admin panel through which you can easily integrate the theme into the website.