May 29

Joomla – Security Checklist


As we know Joomla is opensource, thus it has more rsik of getting hacked  by hackers. We can minimize the risk of getting hacked our Joomla  website by following below checklist:-

  1. Very important in Joomla website development, you have to be updated with latest version of Joomla CMS.
  2. Maintain secure / unique login credential or admin panel and database servers.
  3. If you are using .htaccess file, then rename that file.
  4. Change the default administrator panel URL with customized URL.
  5. You can set advanced permission to configuration file.
  6. While Joomla installation,  change the database table prefix with another prefix
  7. Hackers can use log file and temp folders to hack the website, thus change the path of them.
  8. Remove all the unnecessary files such as extensions, articles, images form server.
  9. If your website have input forms, then validate those with validation library.
  10. You can use SSL certificates for your website to make it  more secure


December 11

PHP security?


PHP security help in  preventing  the spam, warm  from gaining unauthorized access to your site’s data. It helps you keep your data’s integrity and ensures availability as needed. You can start doing this in PHP with validating and sanitizing data on your site.

Validating User Input and Some Sanitization

Validating user input is the first to securing your site. Validating means verifying the data coming into your script is type of data you want, is in the propper , pure format, and is the right length. Without checking these, your site is vulnerable.

Know the incoming data

Checking the type of data and cleaning it up

Checking the length of variables

Check the the format correct entered by the user?