June 10

10 ways to capitalize on the Internet of Things

Every company wants to capitalize on the Internet of things (IoT) in its big data strategy–but what’s the best way to go about it? Here are 10 steps to include in your IoT enablement plans.

1: Educate

2: Strategize

3: Go for the low-hanging fruit

4: Clean your data

5: Think about your customers

6: Never forget failover

7: Strengthen security

8: Work your IoT and system of record combinations

9: Set baselines and metrics… and go for results

10: Define your next-gen IoT applications

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May 29

Joomla – Security Checklist


As we know Joomla is opensource, thus it has more rsik of getting hacked  by hackers. We can minimize the risk of getting hacked our Joomla  website by following below checklist:-

  1. Very important in Joomla website development, you have to be updated with latest version of Joomla CMS.
  2. Maintain secure / unique login credential or admin panel and database servers.
  3. If you are using .htaccess file, then rename that file.
  4. Change the default administrator panel URL with customized URL.
  5. You can set advanced permission to configuration file.
  6. While Joomla installation,  change the database table prefix with another prefix
  7. Hackers can use log file and temp folders to hack the website, thus change the path of them.
  8. Remove all the unnecessary files such as extensions, articles, images form server.
  9. If your website have input forms, then validate those with validation library.
  10. You can use SSL certificates for your website to make it  more secure


April 10

More frequently asked MySql query interview questions

As per My experience, i found some of MySQL queries are repeat in interview questions, ans they are as follows;


1: Query to find second highest salary of Employee

select MAX(Salary) from Employee WHERE Salary NOT IN (select MAX(Salary) from Employee );

2: SQL Query to find Max Salary from each department

SELECT DeptID, MAX(Salary) FROM Employee GROUP BY DeptID.

3. Write an SQL Query to find employee whose Salary is equal or greater than 10000.

SELECT EmpName FROM Employees WHERE Salary>=10000;

4. Write an SQL Query to find name of employee whose name Start with ‘M’

SELECT * FROM Employees WHERE EmpName like ‘M%’;

5. find all Employee records containing the word “Joe”, regardless of whether it was stored as JOE, Joe, or joe.

SELECT * from Employees WHERE UPPER(EmpName) like ‘%JOE%’;

6. Write a SQL Query to find year from date.



March 14

Application Flow Chart in CodeIgniter


  1. The index.php serves as the front controller, initializing the base resources needed to run CodeIgniter.
  2.  The Router examines the HTTP request to determine what should be done with it.
  3. If a cache file exists, it is sent directly to the browser, bypassing the normal system execution.
  4.  Security. Before the application controller is loaded, the HTTP request and any user submitted data is filtered forsecurity.
  5. The Controller loads the model, core libraries, helpers, and any other resources needed to process the specific request.
  6. The finalized View is rendered then sent to the web browser to be seen. If caching is enabled, the view is cached first so that on subsequent requests it can be served.