March 14

IOT – Safe or Not?

Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT  -Internet of Things – in simple words, it is a network  your devices like speakers, doorbell, car, mobile, watch, house lights  are interonnected and can be control by a internet device, and that will make our life easy. But think what happen if IOT gets hacked??

Vulnerabilities present in the Internet of Things have long been a concern for cyber security experts and are now reaching the public which is purchasing the devices. Privacy is a serious concern not just in the IoT, but in all the applications, devices or systems where we share information. Even when users take precautions to secure their information, there are conditions that are beyond their control. Hackers can now craft attacks with unprecedented sophistication and correlate information not just from public networks, but also from different private sources, such as cars, smartphones, home automation systems and even refrigerators.As hackers may bring more sophisticated viruses to you that a day comes when you plan to go to a movie on a Friday night, all set to go, but your house keys are in the hands of your master sitting in some other country!


Below are some security problems seen in IOT:

  1. Insecure Web interface
  2. Insufficient authentication or authorization
  3. Insecure network services
  4. Lack of transport encryption
  5. Privacy concerns
  6. Insecure cloud interface
  7. Insecure mobile interface
  8. Insufficient security configuration
  9. Insecure software or firmware
  10. Poor physical security


The IoT devices are said to be the next evolutionary step in our connected world and will incredibly grow, but it is very much possible to see cyber-criminals exploiting and compromising them.



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Posted March 14, 2016 by Pravin Kamble in category "Internet Of Things