April 2

What is SEO?

With this year SEO (search engine optimization) going to be a little more difficult as Google changing in algorithm to make searches more relevant. Many people have in their mind this question how can they run a successful online marketing campaign in order to increase organic searches and ranking.

Content Marketing :- Nowdays content marketing is hitting the wall and hence forth it will be on top. Content is only the thing which can engage users and make them know what is your website all about. Content must be engaging and compelling and it should give user to a good reading experience. We must need to cover all latest trends and topics which users might be looking at. A good piece of content doesn’t need of a too much link building.

Meta Tags :- Somehow meta tags can play big role in the success of any website. Search engines have stopped caring about the keywords tag since long back, but they do care about title tag and meta description. After getting keywords research done we need to integrate those keywords in page titles as well as in website content.

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