April 28

What is Inheritance?

Inheritance:-Inheritance means using the Pre-defined Code This is very Main Feature of OOP With the advantage of Inheritance we can use any code that is previously created. With the help of inheritance we uses the code that is previously defined but always Remember, We are only using that code but not changing that code.

The Various Types of Inheritance those are provided by C++ are as followings:

1.                Single Inheritance

2.                Multilevel Inheritance

3.                Multiple Inheritance

4.                Hierarchical Inheritance

5.                Hybrid Inheritance

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April 27

Having You Started Using A PHP Framework?

php framworks

PHP continues to be a widely used web programming language as it’s one of the easiest languages to pick up, learn, and make beautiful things with.  However, the reasons PHP is such an easy language allow for some absolutely terrible code to be written and put into production.  Without some help, you’ll never be able to create applications on a large scale with a large team easily.  You might think you can, but you can’t.  Why?  PHP on it’s own is very poorly structured, doesn’t enforce any sort of order, nor does it impose any discipline on you.  Which is fine for small things, but can become a monstrosity of a codebase in a larger application.  This is where PHP Frameworks come in.

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April 26





The MySQL/InnoDB 5.6 release has many significant improvements and features. With the 5.6 release MySQL/InnoDB:

  • Scales to new levels for both read only and read write loads.
  • Supports online DDL operations, enabling developers to dynamically evolve their schemas by adding and dropping columns, without having to take their databases offline.
  • Supports full text search indexes.
  • Improves the adaptive flushing algorithm.
  • Supports multiple UNDO tablespaces.
  • Supports Export and Import of tablespaces between server instances.
  • Improves support for systems equipped with fast SSD storage • Supports high performance NoSQL direct data access through the Memcached API
April 24

5 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Revenues


Online shopping has created an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for its users, and now, brick-and-mortar shops are trying to do just the same — by moving the online experience offline. Some people are “webrooming,” the opposite of showrooming, where they scour websites for product details, then head to physical stores to buy. And others want to see their online choices in the flesh before making the ultimate call, giving rise to pop-up shops and brick-and-mortar versions of popular websites. Meanwhile, some disruptive retail models loom, like the online-only Dollar Shave Club and BarkBox, which provide carefully curated goods based on consumers’ tastes, along with some likely-to-please surprises.

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April 23

XML for E-Commerce


XML has played a vital role in contributing to the success and growth of several businesses and electronic commerce, or E-commerce, in terms of their operations. The Extensible Markup Language helps and speeds up data exchange. This technology is often used by companies to further make more efficient and flexible the exchange of information.

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