March 29

Advantage of Object Oriented Programming

    1. Re-Usability of your code: If you will use OOP technique for creating your application then it will gives you a greater re-usability. For example, if you have created calculator class at one place then you can use the same calculator class in your application.
    2. Easy to Maintain : Application develop using oop technique are easier to maintain than normal programming. Again let us take an example of your interest calculator class. Suppose your business need to change the calculation logic. They want to add some charges if your capital is less than 200 USD. Just think about your application is big and developed using normal programming techniques. So first you have to analyse that at how many places we have calculated interest, and then you will change. But just think of oop technique. You just need to change in your method of interest calculation at one place.
    3. Good Level of Abstraction: Abstraction means making something hidden. By using oop technique you are abstracting your business logic from implementation. It will provide you greater ease. Again let us take and example of interest calculator. If you have created class for interest calculation and your team is going to use that class. Now you are only concern about how interest calculation will be performed, because you have created that. Your team member is always have understanding that if they will set rate and capital property and apply interest calculation method then it will return interest.
March 29

Features of codeigniter

1. Codeigniter is free to use,its an open source framework.

2. Its light weight.The core system requires only a few very small libraries.Not like other frameworks that require heavy file libraries.

3. CodeIgniter is Fast.Its faster than any other framework in php.

4. The URLs generated by CodeIgniter are clean and search-engine friendly.You will change any url to what ever you want from files.

5. CodeIgniter is Extensible.The system can be easily extended through the use of your own libraries, helpers, or through class extensions or system hooks.

6. CodeIgniter Uses MVC(Model View Controller) which allows great separation between logic and presentation.

7. CodeIgniter requires nearly zero configuration,does not require you to use the command line,not forced to learn a templating language.

8. Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms,Security and XSS Filtering,Error Logging.

March 29

Understanding PHP Configration with unix Enviorment

The meaning of PHP configration files

You merely install the required libraries,
build PHP with the –with-[library][=DIR] flag

1)–with-apache[=DIR] or –with-apache2=[DIR]

This flag causes PHP to be built as a static Apache module. You must use –with-apache2 if you’ve
ventured into the newest Apache series.

2)–with-apxs[=DIR] or –with-apxs2[=DIR]
This flag specifies that the PHP module be built as a dynamic Apache module. This saves disk space
for Apache, and some people claim the build is easier. The main value of the apxs build is that you
will be able to swap PHP modules (while upgrading, for instance) without recompiling Apache. If
you upgrade frequently, or if you enjoy trying out experimental builds, this is the best option.

Remember that you can build PHP with either the –with-apache or –with-apxs
flags, not both.

March 29

WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

WordPress 3.8, “Parker”, has just been released. The updated WordPress named after Charlie Parker, jazz saxophonist and bepob innovator and WordPress 3.8′s development was led by  Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder).

WordPress 3.8 is the first release cycle ever where all major feature development began with plugin teams.

March 27

Below are the benefits of PHP Web Development in India:

  • Costs low with cost effective database applications
  • Improves the visibility of organization by building excellent performance data warehouse applications
  • The experts are skilled with proper art of developing automated application development systems, which is useful in upgrading manual processes.
  • Also they provide assistance to platforms like Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, Linux, etc.